Cometstaff Cucoloris


photo by kind permission of Gelena Bowin

:: Orville ::
* 3.4.2008
kasvattaja :: breeder Petra & Thomas Mets SE
sukutaulu :: pedigree
isä :: sire SE FI EE Ch  C.I.B. Arnhem Archivist At Ramblix
emä :: dam Jackstaff Artic Rose 
L2-HGA & HC perinnöllisesti terve :: genetically clear
39 cm
16 kg
ED 0/0
patella 0/0
silmät tutkittu 3 x terveet :: eyes examined 3 x clear
täysi hampaisto, saksipurenta :: complete scissor bite
ei allergioita tai ihosairauksia :: no allergies or skin disorders 
 MH-testattu, laukausvarma
mental description passed with best possible tolerance for shots

 luonnetestattu LTEP +156 ja laukausvarma

agility medi-1

Skewbald dog. Well balanced, standard dog exhibiting no exaggerations.
Clean fronted, short coupled with good angulation front & rear.
Super headed dog, correct dentition, acceptable ear carriage.
Moved out extremely well; parallel both front & rear
(Mick Smith/Willowstaff, UK)

Lovely standard red and white pied. Excellent make and shape. 
Beautiful clean head without exaggerations. Excellent shoulder placement. 
Nice compact body. Strong powerful rear quaters. Moves very soundly.
(Dean Cund/Chelmstaff, UK)

Nice head and expression. Clean lips, good under jaw. Dark eyes.
Straight front, short in back with level top line held on the move.
Movement good.
(Liz Stanway/Waystaff, UK)

Well balanced dog. Beautiful head, perfect bite.
Straight front, level topline.
Good bend of stifle. Moved very well.
(Laurie Ford/Blitstaff, UK)


kastroitu kiveskasvaimen vuoksi 2018 :: castrated in 2018 due to testicular tumor

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